Adisha Ambemohar Rice - 5 Kg

Adisha Ambemohar Rice - 5 Kg

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Ambemohor Rice - 5 Kg

Ambemohar is considered as one of the most fragrant varieties of rice. Along with its pleasing aroma, it also has an ambrosial quality linked to the king of fruits, ‘mango’. Thus, while eating, this variant stirs up divine memories of a mango blossom. Here, we dish out on what makes this rice so special.

Ambemohar is low-yielding compared to other rice variants. It is about (1.9 ton/h), the grains are short in size (approximately 5.5 mm) and their width is (approximately 2.2 mm). The weight of this rice grain, however, is high. The fragile short grains of Ambemohar rice look round and small. They fluff-up once cooked and tend to get glued (stuck) together. They easily break and so are considered ideal for elders and kids.

Nutrition facts

Considered good for health, this rice is a rich source of energy and essential vitamins. The strong mangoish aroma makes it a little sweet to taste; an added feather to its cap, making it a pleasure to eat!

Energy368 Kcal
Fat1.10 gm
Calcium22.70 mg
Carbohydrates81 gm
Dietary Fibre10.40gm
Protein8.10 gm
Iron2.70 mg
Vitamin B10.19 mg
Cholesterol0 mg
Saturated Fat0.3 mg
Poly Unsaturated Fat0.3 mg
Monosaturated Fat0.3 mg
Potassium174 mg

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